ebay, collagen, hesitancy, and more…

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Penalty over ‘anti-epidemic’ formula flogged on ebay:   “Public health physician, Dr Ken Harvey, who is the president of Friends of Science in Medicine (FSM), told the AJP that there is still more work to be done towards the regulation of … [Read more...]

Division, boosters, spread, and more…

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A house divided against itself cannot tame the pandemic: “Our prime minister is insisting that with 80 per cent of people over 16 vaccinated we are opening up. If that is a come-what-may figure, we will be sentenced to the same … [Read more...]

Plans, bunk, selfies, and more…

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A house divided against itself cannot tame the pandemic: 
A successful COVID plan doesn’t just say “get vaccinated”. 
A successful COVID plan would need to manage the situation with a range of measures that complement each other to ensure positive outcomes. … [Read more...]

Brain damage, risk, dichotomies, and more…

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Neurological manifestations of COVID-19: “Some researchers are warning, that the damage caused to the brain from severe COVID-19 might have long term effects that are not recognized for years. Ischemic and inflammatory damage to brain cells may accelerate degenerative processes, … [Read more...]

Lockdowns, risks, gateways, and more…

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The NSW ‘lockdown’ that isn’t while putting business before people: A ‘lockdown’ strategy that does not involve lockdown, a vaccine distribution policy that is dangerously inconsistent and COVID-19 testing facilities that cannot meet the demand generated by public health orders, … [Read more...]

Chaos, integrity, safety, and more…

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The chaotic incompetence of our roll out of the COVID-19 vaccines? Part 1: “It is obvious that vaccination is the only weapon available to end the global pandemic and that weapon is powerful and can do the trick. However you … [Read more...]

Incentives, hype, resistance, and more…

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COVID-19 vaccine incentives – Australian doctors now allowed to offer cash, prizes and alternative medicines: In a perplexing move, new rules allow doctors and pharmacists to offer complementary medicines – including homeopathy, naturopathy, and ‘immune boosting vitamins’ – as incentives to … [Read more...]

Responsibilities, good-byes, side-effects, and more…

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A moral responsibility to get Australians home: Friend of Science in Medicine, Prof. John Dwyer discusses the ban on travel from India, approaches that could help Australians come home, and the technical/logistical challenges that would need to be met. “The … [Read more...]

Roll-outs, clots, herds, and more…

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Australia’s vaccine roll-out setbacks take shine off its COVID-19 success: “Unfortunately, Australia’s slow and problematic vaccine roll-out has somewhat taken the shine off our enviable reputation for managing COVID-19.”

Explaining the AstraZeneca blood clots – what are our risks and how [Read more...]