How can you become involved?

Existing Friends

Existing Friends represent a most impressive repository of experience and expertise in a wide range of health issues. We intend the FSM to be a consultative body. We welcome suggestions of activities and strategies and offers of help to achieve our goals.

Donate to FSM

FSM does not receive any government funding. Your donations can help keep us going. Click here for more information.

New Friends

New Friends are welcome to join FSM. Please write to our Chief Executive Officer via the form below (limit about 100 words) indicating your agreement with the principles and commitments of FSM. Indicate your qualifications and positions held (including links to tertiary institutions, if applicable).

Please include a declaration of any vested interests eg links with the pharmaceutical or alternative medicine industries, alternative medicine societies, associations etc, integrative medicine groups, financial interests in alternative medicine diagnostic or therapeutic equipment, medicines or interventions, including their wholesale or retail marketing or their application.

The FSM executive will consider applications and will e-mail applicants to let them know the outcome.