Bias, warps, misfolds, and more…

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Evidence on acupuncture therapies is underused in clinical practice and health policy: “It has been shown repeatedly that acupuncture studies originating from China never show negative findings, strongly suggesting one or more sources of bias… Recently, the Beijing Municipal Science and … [Read more...]

Failure, purity, invitations, and more…

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Omicron is fuelled by our failure to mount a coordinated global response: “Note that Omicron developed in an environment where only 7 per cent of the population were vaccinated. As of this week 78 billion doses of vaccine have been … [Read more...]

Failures, profits, pretence, and more…

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TGA fails to protect against shonky weight-loss products:  “The TGA is under fire for failing to protect consumers, after an investigation found misleading promotions for over-the-counter weight-loss products continued for years after they had been judged deceptive. A recent … [Read more...]

Claims, coffers, protection, and more…

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Brisbane naturopath’s ‘outrageous, dangerous’ Covid vax claims: Alternative medicine practitioners continue to be disproportionately anti-vaccine, anti-basic-hygiene and at odds with public health.

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The anti-vaccine movement supports Big Pharma: “It’s common knowledge that anti-vaxxers are dedicated … [Read more...]

Dangers, abuse, alchemy, and more…

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Brisbane naturopath’s ‘outrageous, dangerous’ Covid vax claims: “Immunologist and emeritus professor of medicine at UNSW Professor John Dwyer said the proliferation of pseudoscience published by natural health professionals posed an even greater threat than the usual anti-vax types because … [Read more...]

Loopholes, risks, deception, and more…

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Hawthorn medical institute faces scrutiny over clinical trials: Loophole exposed in Australia’s Clinical Trial Regulations. As discussed in a previous post, the National Institute of Integrative Medicine have been offering and conducting unaccredited cancer tests – for a fee to … [Read more...]

Roll-outs, clots, herds, and more…

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Australia’s vaccine roll-out setbacks take shine off its COVID-19 success: “Unfortunately, Australia’s slow and problematic vaccine roll-out has somewhat taken the shine off our enviable reputation for managing COVID-19.”

Explaining the AstraZeneca blood clots – what are our risks and how [Read more...]

Remnants, fat cats, conspiracies, and more…

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Why didn’t others get hotel coronavirus? Immunologist John Dwyer (and co-founder of Friends of Science in Medicine) offers an explanation for why infected quarantine hotel worked were fortunate enough to not infect other members of the community. “It’s possible these workers … [Read more...]

Ceasing, desisting, seizures, and more…

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Discount pharmacy chains handed cease and desist notices: “There is absolutely not a jot of evidence to support [homeopathy] and plenty of evidence to support the thinking that it’s an incredible waste of money and just essentially expensive water,” she … [Read more...]