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Penalty over ‘anti-epidemic’ formula flogged on ebay:   “Public health physician, Dr Ken Harvey, who is the president of Friends of Science in Medicine (FSM), told the AJP that there is still more work to be done towards the regulation of complementary medicines in Australia. The TGA conducts post-market compliance reviews of listed medicines. However, Dr Harvey said FSM has been “suggesting for some time that the TGA should monitor new entries on the ARTG for suspect products”. Dr Harvey added: “While it’s good they have acted on the COVID-19 ‘Anti-Epidemic Formula 1’ there are plenty of others they could tackle if they had the will. This includes many complementary medicines often stocked on pharmacy shelves.”

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Are collagen supplements beneficial for your skin, or should you take something else? Sellers of collagen and silica supplements for skin and hair are ‘taking advantage of people’s ignorance’. At first glance, it seems logical – the protein collagen helps to keep structure in skin, and as we age we lose collagen in our skin leading to sagging… so consuming collagen must prevent this? But our bodies are very good at breaking down the foods we consume into small parts – for collagen and other proteins, this is into amino acids or short peptides – so that we can absorb and utilise them. Quite simply, when you consume collagen it is broken up and your body just sees the building blocks of protein, and those building blocks might be used for biochemical processes, for building muscle, for making new cells, but it does not cause your skin to build up more collagen (at least not any more so than eating any kind of protein). So what can we do for great skin? “It sounds boring, but the best thing you can do for your skin is to eat well and drink lots of water” – and I’d add use sunscreen to that list for avoiding age spots, premature wrinkling, and (of course) skin cancer.

Lions led by donkeys – 1917: “To be clear, healthcare workers have been victims this pandemic. I remember the fear early in the pandemic of caring for COVID-19 patients. Early on, there was not enough PPE and healthcare workers had to convert trash bags into protective gowns. Thousands of healthcare workers have died of the virus, including friends and teachers of mine.”

Chipping away at vaccine hesitancy: People who are unvaccinated are:
• 7 times more likely to test positive for COVID-19 than vaccinated people;
• 49 times more likely to be hospitalised than vaccinated people;
• 32 times more likely to die from COVID-19 than vaccinated people.”

Ivermectin is the new hydroxychloroquine, take 6: More fraudWhy is it that FRAUD and/or INCOMPETENCE are the major themes among those who promote Ivermectin for COVID-19?