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Brisbane naturopath’s ‘outrageous, dangerous’ Covid vax claims: Alternative medicine practitioners continue to be disproportionately anti-vaccine, anti-basic-hygiene and at odds with public health.

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The anti-vaccine movement supports Big Pharma: “It’s common knowledge that anti-vaxxers are dedicated to filling the coffers of Big Coffin. Simple math leads to another obvious conclusion: they also work extremely hard to enrich hospitals and Big Pharma. Overall, the cost of a COVID-19 hospitalization is 150 times more expensive than vaccination.”


mRNA vaccines associated with more immunity than prior COVID-19 infection: COVID-19 vaccines provide better protection against hospitalization from COVID-19 then previous COVID-19 infection. A peer reviewed observational study showed that individuals with a prior COVID-19 infection were about 5x more likely to be hospitalised after subsequent COVID-19 infection, than vaccinated individuals infected for the first time. “These data provide powerful evidence that vaccinations offer superior protection against COVID-19 than relying on natural immunity alone. Many have been asking if they should get vaccinated if they’ve already been infected – this research shows the answer is yes.”

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The development of medical triage – medical history: Despite having changed somewhat since it was first applied on battlefields, triage is an essential component of emergency medical practice to ensure that those who are most at risk are seen first.

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Exposing children to mass infection: When the JCVI recommended against COVID-19 vaccination for 12-15 year-olds in the UK, its decision was rife with language both minimising the risk of the virus, and minimising the effectiveness of the vaccine. Unbelievably, they even went so far as to claim that it may be beneficial to allow children to be infected rather than vaccinated. “Over 10,000 children have been hospitalized in England alone thus far, and according to news reports, over 100 children there have died, including ’13 children dying in the seven weeks since schools reopened’. The death toll includes some children who would have been eligible for vaccination had they lived outside of the UK. The JCVI’s statement that ‘Children rarely develop severe disease or die of COVID-19’ will be cold comfort to the families of these children.”