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We are saddened to announce that The SkepDoc Dr. Harriet Hall has passed away: Over the years, we at FSM have often benefited from the writings of our Friend Dr Harriet Hall. It is deeply sad to lose such … [Read more...]

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FSM Friends’ News and Articles

What does “anti-vaccine” really mean since the pandemic hit? Dr Gorski writes on how the meaning of the term “anti-vaccine” has changed since the pandemic. (Spoiler, it hasn’t changed much).

Many people dismiss the term “anti-vaccine” as mere reflexive labelling. … [Read more...]

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New CDC data confirms continued rise in sexually transmitted diseases: Chlamydia, which is the most commonly reported STD, is not the most prevalent. That would be HPV, a vaccine-preventable viral infection linked to genital warts and cervical cancer”.

Update [Read more...]

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FSM Friends’ News and Articles

The misinformation dilemma: “Social media now adds a new layer. First, it obliterates any remnants of an editorial filter. Literally anyone can communicate with a wide audience. The cranks on the corner are given a megaphone. Further, computer algorithms … [Read more...]

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FSM Friends’ News and Articles

The Five Stages Of Anti-Vax Angst: Trying to deal with anti-vaxxers can be extremely taxing. So here we have the: THE FIVE STAGES OF ANTI-VAX ANGST (The author thinks US President Joe Biden has reached stage 3):
Stage 1: Disbelief [Read more...]

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Friends of Science in Medicine, Australia – the 10th Anniversary: Friends of Science in Medicine celebrated its 10th birthday last month. In memory of our beginnings, here is an article by FSM President Ken Harvey, guest blogging for the … [Read more...]

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FSM was launched on the 20 December 2011 – Happy 10th Anniversary!

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Omicron is fuelled by our failure to mount a coordinated global response:While we struggle with the moment we do not have the luxury of not worrying … [Read more...]

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The Dawning of Friends of Science in Medicine (FSM): As FSM is coming up on our 10th anniversary, here is a look back at our story. Prof John Dwyer writes on how FSM got started, our early battles, issues that have … [Read more...]

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Brisbane naturopath’s ‘outrageous, dangerous’ Covid vax claims: “Immunologist and emeritus professor of medicine at UNSW Professor John Dwyer said the proliferation of pseudoscience published by natural health professionals posed an even greater threat than the usual anti-vax types because … [Read more...]