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Desperate Premiers call for radical redesign for health care funding: “The original State/Federal agreement on funding of public hospitals envisaged a 50/50 split of the costs. Since 2011 the Commonwealth has had in place system where it will pay hospitals on … [Read more...]

Bias, warps, misfolds, and more…

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Evidence on acupuncture therapies is underused in clinical practice and health policy: “It has been shown repeatedly that acupuncture studies originating from China never show negative findings, strongly suggesting one or more sources of bias… Recently, the Beijing Municipal Science and … [Read more...]

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The Five Stages Of Anti-Vax Angst: Trying to deal with anti-vaxxers can be extremely taxing. So here we have the: THE FIVE STAGES OF ANTI-VAX ANGST (The author thinks US President Joe Biden has reached stage 3):
Stage 1: Disbelief [Read more...]

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FSM was launched on the 20 December 2011 – Happy 10th Anniversary!

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Omicron is fuelled by our failure to mount a coordinated global response:While we struggle with the moment we do not have the luxury of not worrying … [Read more...]

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Accused Perth nurse Christine Hartmann Benz and the anti-vaxxers trying to avoid mandatory vaccination: Ken McLeod is part of a collective of pro-vaccination advocates, Stop the Australian Anti-Vaccination Network, and believe cases like Ms Hartmann Benz show that regulatory authorities are … [Read more...]

Failures, profits, pretence, and more…

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TGA fails to protect against shonky weight-loss products:  “The TGA is under fire for failing to protect consumers, after an investigation found misleading promotions for over-the-counter weight-loss products continued for years after they had been judged deceptive. A recent … [Read more...]

Dangers, abuse, alchemy, and more…

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Brisbane naturopath’s ‘outrageous, dangerous’ Covid vax claims: “Immunologist and emeritus professor of medicine at UNSW Professor John Dwyer said the proliferation of pseudoscience published by natural health professionals posed an even greater threat than the usual anti-vax types because … [Read more...]

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A house divided against itself cannot tame the pandemic: 
A successful COVID plan doesn’t just say “get vaccinated”. 
A successful COVID plan would need to manage the situation with a range of measures that complement each other to ensure positive outcomes. … [Read more...]

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When do we vaccinate the kids? “There is more urgency across the Tasman, where immunologist John Dwyer​, an emeritus professor of medicine at the University of New South Wales, warns of the greater risk posed by the Delta strain to both … [Read more...]