Bias, warps, misfolds, and more…

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Evidence on acupuncture therapies is underused in clinical practice and health policy: “It has been shown repeatedly that acupuncture studies originating from China never show negative findings, strongly suggesting one or more sources of bias… Recently, the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission suggested that any criticism of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) would attract legal consequences under the crime of “picking quarrels and stirring up trouble”.”

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COVID-19 and our warped sense of normal: “A child getting sick with a vaccine-preventable disease was unacceptable prior to COVID-19. An unvaccinated child getting severely sick with COVID-19 should be unacceptable today. We should not normalize children getting sick – and rarely dying – from any disease for which a vaccine exists. Children are not supposed to die. This didn’t used to be controversial.”

Why are so many clinical trials of homeopathy “positive”? “The bottom line, however, remains that homeopathy is based on prescientific concepts more akin to sympathetic magic than it does to any science. For all the reasons I included in my introduction, that means that, arguing from basic science alone, homeopathy can’t work.”

Great Moments in Health and Science 

The Discovery of Prions – More than 30 years since their discovery, prions still fascinate, terrify and mystify us: Terrifying misfolded proteins that transform other proteins to become misfolded as well, the most famous prion disease is colloquially known as “Mad Cow Disease”. Whilst the disease remains incurable, understanding how it occurs has allowed for public health strategies to prevent occurrences and reduce transmission to surgeons and scientists. Understanding the nature of the disease is an important step on the way to a cure.