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TGA fails to protect against shonky weight-loss products:  “The TGA is under fire for failing to protect consumers, after an investigation found misleading promotions for over-the-counter weight-loss products continued for years after they had been judged deceptive. A recent … [Read more...]

COVID-19 Serology Testing

COVID-19 serology testing will be available soon. The tests have two important uses. The first is to check if someone has been exposed to the virus. Although not yet proven, most experts believe that these people will develop some immunity, lasting months or years. This

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Safety fails, mugwort, viruses, and more…

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Following a Channel 9 story on alt-health products that fail safety standards, Complementary Medicines Australia (CMA) has hit back. They called the story “false and malicious” and “evil-intentioned”. In social media, CMA has been crowing that FSM fell for “fake news”. … [Read more...]