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TGA fails to protect against shonky weight-loss products:  “The TGA is under fire for failing to protect consumers, after an investigation found misleading promotions for over-the-counter weight-loss products continued for years after they had been judged deceptive. A recent investigation by Adjunct Associate Professor Ken Harvey, from Monash University, shows that misleading advertisements for dozens of dubious weight-loss products continued to be broadcast across more than 100 websites over a period of years. The findings suggest such products may be policed even less stringently than before.”

COVID-19 tests have made pathology companies big profits, but rapid tests are set to shake up the market:  “Throughout the pandemic, Australians with a sniffle or other cold and flu symptoms have been encouraged to get a PCR test – a swab of their throat and the back of their nose, taken by a nurse or doctor. This is then sent to a pathology laboratory for analysis”.

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Third dose prevents infection: “Reducing hospitalizations has a profound effect on the use of hospital resources, including front-line workers. This is one of the hard-to-quantify results of the pandemic: those who suffered because they could not get their elective surgery, or who avoided the ER or could not get an ICU bed because of COVID patients. In the middle of a pandemic like COVID-19, individual decisions affect everyone.”


Perth nurse charged after ‘pretending to administer COVID-19 jab to anti-vaxxers: A nurse in Perth has now been charged after allegedly faking administration of the COVID-19 vaccine to ‘anti-vax’ friends. “Ms Hartmann Benz and her chiropractor husband have previously been linked to anti-vaccination organisation Australian Vaccination Network”.

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Using homeopathy as a vaccine. Homeopathy vs. COVID-19 – Aaron Rodgers edition: It’s hard to believe that this still needs to be said, but NO, NO, HOMEOPATHY DOES NOT WORK AS A VACCINE!!!