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The Five Stages Of Anti-Vax Angst: Trying to deal with anti-vaxxers can be extremely taxing. So here we have the: THE FIVE STAGES OF ANTI-VAX ANGST (The author thinks US President Joe Biden has reached stage 3):
Stage 1: Disbelief
“Surely,… the solution is simply to educate people better”
Stage 2: Frustration.
“the anti-vaxxers just won’t quit!”
Stage 3: Anger
“I’m done. You all can just go ahead and get sick!”
Stage 4. Persistence
Keep trying…“Getting someone to ask questions themselves … is often the best way to get them to reject the arguments of anti-vaxxers.”
Stage 5. Surrender

“Naturopathic oncologist” Colleen Huber goes full COVID-19 quack: “Given that naturopathy is quackery, it’s also no surprise that naturopaths would become major COVID-19 quacks as well.”

Detox – what “they” don’t want you to know: From coffee enemas, to alkaline diets, to $58 detoxifying lip balms (yes, that is a thing), home detox treatments are a highly profitable scam, claiming to treat a problem that does not exist in the first place.

The WHO must “encourage the international medical community to immediately begin training in homeopathy”: Homeopaths currently have a petition to the WHO Director General, claiming that homeopathy is the solution to “prevent catastrophic loss of life”. They want the WHO to “immediately begin training physicians in homeopathy”. As a reminder, homeopathy is quackery based on the ideas that:
• whatever makes you sick will make you better;
• making a medicine weaker will make it stronger;
• that shaking water will make it remember what it was mixed with, even when there is not even a single molecule of the original material left in the water.
In general homeopaths tend to cross promote other forms of quackery, tend to promote science denialism (including anti-vaccine views) and will even promote their own alternative “homeopathic vaccines”, which being nothing but water are completely ineffective. It is scary that people as delusional as homeopaths actually treat patients and interact with the vulnerable.

COVID vaccines and cardiac effects – reality vs lies: As anti-vaxxers continue to spread fear about myocarditis, many people seem convinced that getting a side effect is almost like getting a life sentence. In point of fact, “In almost every case the symptoms were mild and resolved completely, with or without treatment. This is a rare, mild, and transitory side effect, and therefore not a significant phenomenon, and not a reason to avoid the vaccine. COVID-19 itself is much more likely to cause myocarditis that the mRNA vaccines.”

Great Moments in Health and Science 

History of the agar plate: In order to study many types of infectious organisms, they first need to be grown safely outside the body – that’s where this strange seaweed derivative comes in.