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New CDC data confirms continued rise in sexually transmitted diseases: Chlamydia, which is the most commonly reported STD, is not the most prevalent. That would be HPV, a vaccine-preventable viral infection linked to genital warts and cervical cancer”.

Update on Long COVID: “The data we have so far, however, strongly indicates that long COVID is extremely common in those who contract COVID, persisting for at least 3-6 months in about a third of all those infected. The risk of long COVID is greater for those with more severe infections and in vulnerable populations, but they can occur even with mild infections in those who are young and healthy at baseline. Further, long COVID is not merely a subjective persistence of symptoms but can be tied to biological changes in organs, most notably the brain.”


Medically clear – Addicted to misinformation: Is there treatment? “Some people,” he told me, “have turned their love affair with misinformation into a defining personality trait … Misinformation, addiction, and cults all have something in common: a person’s vulnerability factors can make him more susceptible to falling prey to the allure.”

Do supplements boost immunity? A doctor debunks the wellness claims: “Unless you have a medical condition, a well-balanced, nutritious diet should give you all the vitamins and minerals you need to maintain a healthy immune system, Rubin says. The wellness industry tries to sell you on supplements.”

Fake news about our fake news study spread faster than its truth… just as we predicted: “Our paper showed that the speed of false news is correlated with the fact that it is more novel, surprising, shocking and anger inducing than the truth.”

Great Moments in Health and Science 

The History of the Ambulance: Now a common sight in most countries, ambulances have their origins on the Napoleonic battlefields, where wagons were needed to rapidly move wounded soldiers to field hospitals for treatment.