Misinformation, non-essentials, pigs, and more…

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The misinformation dilemma: “Social media now adds a new layer. First, it obliterates any remnants of an editorial filter. Literally anyone can communicate with a wide audience. The cranks on the corner are given a megaphone. Further, computer algorithms designed to maximize engagement also maximize radicalization, favoring misinformation if anything over quality control.”

Timothy Caulfield’s quest to quash a pandemic of misinformation: “I think individuals who are the source of misinformation fall on a broad continuum. On the one hand, you have individuals and entities that have an agenda. They are purposely spreading what is, in this context, disinformation, because they have intent to spread [information that is false]. And sometimes, the goal is just to create chaos. Then you have those who are spreading misinformation because they want to sell a product or build their brand. And there are also those who are maybe selling something that they believe works, so the intention isn’t necessarily to harm — but it’s also a form of misinformation. On the other end of the continuum are individuals who are inadvertently spreading misinformation — they’re just trying to figure out how to take care of themselves, their family, their community [and who] have no malevolent intent.”

A new study reveals that naturopaths order a lot of unnecessary pediatric labs: A 2021 study compared the lab tests ordered by MD’s and so-called ‘naturopathic doctors’ in the Seattle area, and found a few not-very-surprising differences: “45% of tests ordered by NDs involved allergens, trace minerals, and toxic metals. NDs were also much more likely to order panels of tests rather than individual tests, which were preferred by medical providers. Not surprising was the finding that tests ordered by NDs were much less likely to be abnormal, because (spoiler alert!) they don’t actually put much thought into what they order. The conclusion of the paper contains one of the most unintentionally funny interpretations that I’ve ever seen: ‘These data also suggest that NDs may not use laboratory tests in the same manner as (general practitioners) and may make medical recommendations using different criteria, likely influenced by different laboratory medical training.'”

Breakthrough heart xenotransplantation from pig: “The public is mostly numb to claims for “scientific breakthroughs” because the term is so highly overused… But I am going to go out on a limb and declare this incremental step at least a significant milestone, if not a genuine breakthrough.”


Gawler massage therapist Monika Milka banned from giving advice about COVID-19 and vaccination: Another alt-med practitioners spreading vaccine misinformation. Unfortunately this problem is more pervasive with many practitioners developing online followings on social media.