Incentives, hype, resistance, and more…

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COVID-19 vaccine incentives – Australian doctors now allowed to offer cash, prizes and alternative medicines: In a perplexing move, new rules allow doctors and pharmacists to offer complementary medicines – including homeopathy, naturopathy, and ‘immune boosting vitamins’ – as incentives to vaccination. Communication regarding vaccines from the government has been highly disappointing, and muddying the waters with support of pseudoscientific treatments is not going to help.

Hope, hype and exploitation — the wild history of stem cell science: “There have been perhaps as many scandals in this field of medicine, as there have been genuine advances in research and application; and the full potential of stem cells is yet to be realised.”

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Despite what Prince Charles thinks, homeopathy is not the answer to antibiotic resistance: “If we want to use fewer antibiotics, the best way to do that is to prescribe fewer antibiotics. But this has nothing whatsoever to do with homeopathy or alternative medicine. It is simply the implementation of what evidence-based medicine tells us to do, and what doctors have unfortunately ignored for far too long.”

Businesses run by ‘anti-vaxxers’ tell patrons who have received the COVID jab to stay away: The handful of business owners in Mullumbimby have not only made a habit of sharing misinformation, but could be compromising the future health of the wider community, local vaccine activist Heidi Robertson told


Homeopathic drama comes to a climax? “What does this mean for drug and device manufacturers? For manufacturers of homeopathic drugs, it does seems like the limbo has ended and they will need new legislation, NDA approvals, or determinations under GRAS/E to keep their drugs on the market. The Dante scholars can argue over what to call this post-limbo place. For the sort of cases we normally do, it may be a bit of a stretch, but this is another federal circuit waxing on about FDA’s commitment to public health and its enforcement options. For us as occasional consumers of health products and full-time believers in science, it would be good to have firm requirements in place that drugs, whether labeled as homeopathic or not, need to meet”.