Death threats, inequality, overdosing, and more…

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I’ve received death threats. I’ve been sued. I’ve been lied about. Here’s why I’m committed to debunking misinformation: “A recent study found that the public likes seeing online corrections of misinformation, broadly endorses the practice and sees it as a public responsibility. So, debunking by experts is needed, effective, encouraged, appreciated – and, perhaps, an obligation. But it ain’t easy and often not fun. In the past year, I’ve received death threats and have been sued. I’ve been lied about and constantly trolled on social media. And, of course, there is the hate mail.”


Why are healthcare workers still dying of COVID-19? It is a great tragedy that the world will have to endure this pandemic for so long, not because vaccines are not being produced, but because vaccine distribution is so unequal.

Today’s Abused Health Concept

Homeopathy – Man hospitalized after overdosing on homeopathic remedy: Critics of homeopathy commonly say that homeopathy is neither effective, nor safe. While homeopathic products do not normally contain significant amounts of active ingredient, they also commonly lack quality assurance. In this case, a patient was poisoned after a so-called remedy containing deadly nightshade was not properly diluted. Ironically, this case also disproves the core belief of homeopathy, namely that weaker dilutions of drugs are actually stronger. In this case, the opposite happened. The patient had a stronger reaction to the less dilute mixture. 

Great Moments in Health and Science 

Hand washing Hygiene. Keep it clean – The surprising 130-year history of hand washing: Like covering your nose and mouth when sneezing or coughing, hand washing is a simple act of hygiene that helps stop disease spread and by extension saves lives. Somehow, greater public awareness and compliance is still needed, however: “After defecation, 84% of women and 78% of men washed their hands”.

Thanks to Science

Nine advances in medical science that help the NHS save lives: From pacemakers and MRI scans to vaccines and antibiotics, this article discusses some of the vital tools that hospitals around the world use every day.

Lesser-known Health Professions

Medical Interpreter: The main task of a medical interpreter is to interpret and translate complex medical information to patients who speak a foreign language. They ensure the complete understanding of medical information between doctors, nurses, medical staff, and patients.