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Archived articles and radio interviews

The articles below have appeared since the beginning of 2017:

Articles from 09.01.17-15.01.17

Scientists gain new insights into molecular mechanisms of breast cancer development: Researchers from the University of Basel have gained new insights into the molecular processes in breast tissue.

Melbourne study reveals why some men with prostate cancer get more aggressive tumours: A LANDMARK Melbourne-led study reveals why men with prostate cancer who carry a cancer-predisposing gene have more aggressive tumours.

Cancer 'wonder drug' given tick of approval: In a major milestone for Melbourne scientists, a leukaemia drug almost 30 years in the making has been given the governmental tick of approval.

How to quickly spot dodgy science: A list of tricks that aren't foolproof, but in combination they’re rather useful. They can help identify bad science in just minutes rather than hours.

Sussan Ley quits as health minister as Malcolm Turnbull flags political expenses reform: Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said Ms Ley's replacements in the health, aged care and sport portfolios would be announced next week and Arthur Sinodinos would stay on as Acting Health Minister until then.

Gluten-free baby: When parents ignore science: Inside the troubling and dangerous rise of alternative medicine for kids.

Educating chiros: comments on the consensus on education reached at a recent conference in Montréal (October 2016), the WFC (World Federation of Chiropractic) and the ACC (Association of Chiropractic Colleges).

In 2017, let’s take back science!: Professor Timothy Caulfield asks us to speak out against the conspiracy-tinged nonsense that increasingly pervades our health debates

Just How Safe Are Vaccines? Here Are the Numbers: The science on vaccines is clear; numerous studies show that vaccines are safe and effective, and that serious side effects are rare.

Chiros fighting chiros: The ‘CHRONICLE OF CHIROPRACTIC’ recently reported on the relentless battle within the chiropractic profession about the issue of ‘subluxation’.

Fakery on a massive scale means we can’t trust studies from China: Data fabrication has seriously detrimental effects, we must ask what we can do about it. We must scrutinise it thoroughly and sceptically. Whenever it looks too good to be true, we ought to discard it as unreliable.

From the UK:

This advice is given by the CAP Executive about non-broadcast advertising: Any claims for naturopathy that go beyond accepted claims for a healthy lifestyle are likely to be problematic unless they are supported by a robust body of evidence.

From the US:

Identify Strong Evidence-Based Medicine Programs: Evidence-based medicine is a method which uses clinical research results to inform treatment decisions.

The Medical Director of The Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute spewed antivaccine misinformation last week. Why is anyone surprised?: A social media firestorm erupted over the weekend after Dr. Daniel Neides, Director of The Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute, posted an article full of antivaccine misinformation

Dietetics: Embracing Integrative and Functional Medicine?: The Accreditation Council for Education in Dietetics is planning on changing the accreditation standards for requirements Registered Dietitians to include integrative and functional nutrition as core components

Peanut Allergy Prevention Advice Does a 180: New guidelines suggest that preventing peanut allergies may be as simple as giving peanut-containing food, beginning in infancy. How did old guidelines, which recommended avoidance, get it so wrong?

Articles from 01.01.2017-08.01.17

The 7 biggest problems facing science, according to 270 scientists: Scientists all over the world, including graduate students, senior professors, laboratory heads, and Fields Medalists, say that in a variety of ways, their careers are being hijacked by perverse incentives. The result is bad science.

Why do researchers do different kinds of clinical studies: Scientists may have many reasons for doing a clinical study, such as to explore the cause of a disease or a set of symptoms, to test if a treatment will help with a symptom or condition or to learn how a certain behaviour affects people’s health.

Cancer Death Rates Fall as Prevention, Treatment Advance: Deaths from cancer in the United States have dropped 25 percent since hitting a peak in 1991, a new report finds.

Fake treatments for real diseases: A review of allergy and asthma advertisements by naturopaths, chiropractors, homeopaths and acupuncturists: A majority of Canadian chiropractic, naturopathic, homeopathic and acupuncture clinics claim that they can diagnose or treat allergies, sensitivities and asthma

Stop taking vitamins and eat the right food if you want to stay healthy: Our bodies don’t know how to absorb vitamins and minerals from tablets and capsules. They only know about foods so you may be paying through the nose for something that’s ineffective or for a placebo effect

Doctors issue new year detox health warning: Highlighting  the case of a woman they treated last year who became critically ill after taking herbal remedies and drinking too much water, Doctors have issued a warning about the potential harms of undertaking a radical new year detox.

Related article:

Diet drinks are not healthy and could trigger weight gain, say researchers: Diet and sugar-free alternatives should not be promoted as part of a healthy diet, say researchers

Mediterranean diet may protect your brain in old age, new finding suggests: A new study based on brain imaging in over 400 people seems to show that we have even more reason to celebrate this diet and, more importantly, to stick to it.

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