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Archived articles and radio interviews

The articles below have appeared since the beginning of 2015:


Tired, Sluggish, Bloated? Time to detox? “don’t buy the hype”: ‘Detoxing’ is heavily promoted in magazines, newspapers, television and via the Internet. While most of the products promoted might not be dangerous, they are all a waste of money

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Effects of spinal manipulation versus therapeutic exercise on adults with chronic low back pain: a literature review: Chronic low back pain: exercise is better than chiropractic.

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Natural therapy cover risk to private health rebate: Unproven natural therapies will be stripped of government subsidies, amid signs private health insurers and their members have embraced the so-called alternatives to traditional medicine and driven up costs.

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We know too little about probiotics to proclaim their virtues: That your gut bacteria are critical in maintaining your health is well established. But we don’t know which bacteria are helpful and how they act. Until these questions are answered, probiotics and by extension prebiotics will struggle to fulfil their claimed promises. And manufacturers may need to learn to temper their language.


Taxpayers to fund teaching of 'pseudo-science':Profit-making colleges would receive taxpayer funding to teach students unproven alternative remedies such as homeopathy, flower essence therapy and iridology under the Abbott government's proposed higher education reforms.

Queensland records the nation’s lowest rate of whooping cough infections: Queensland Department of Health is only seven months into the implementation of its immunisation strategy, which has set a target of 95 per cent of all children being fully vaccinated and they are already achieving significant results, recording, in 2014, its lowest rate of whooping cough infections in a decade. Current figures show that around 91 per cent of one-year-olds, 93 per cent of two-year-olds and 92 per cent of  five-year-olds are now vaccinated.


Health Department offers hypnotherapy, acupuncture cash to help staff quit smoking: The federal Health Department is paying for unproven therapies to help its employees quit smoking.

Websites closed in battle against illegal trade in medicines: THE UK Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency (MHRA) said it close more than 1,600 websites illegally advertising and selling medicines in 2014.  Enforcement officers also seized medicines with a value in excess of £3 million. These included quantities of erectile dysfunction medicines, slimming products, as well as powerful and often misused drugs like sleeping pills and antidepressants.

Allergy Clinic ad complaint upheld: THE New Zealand Allergy Clinic website has been found by the NZ Advertising Standards Authority Complaints Board to be in breach of the Therapeutic Services Advertising Code on a number of counts. The Board found that the site made unsubstantiated therapeutic claims about the efficacy of Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Techniques (NAET) and Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA) and included testimonials which were outside the restrictions placed on them for medical conditions.


Vertebral artery dissection after a chiropractor neck manipulation: This report illustrates the potential hazards associated with neck trauma, including chiropractic manipulation. The vertebral arteries are at risk for aneurysm formation and/or dissection, which can cause acute stroke.

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Uproar as US anti-vaccination campaigner Sherri Tenpenny announces trip to Australia: A broad media campaign has begun to stop an American anti-vaccination campaigner running a series of lectures in Australia in March.

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Why we need to listen to real experts in science: If we want to use scientific thinking to solve problems, we need people to appreciate evidence and heed expert advice.

Enforceable undertaking: Nutrition Warehouse Pty Limited: Following an investigation by the Therapeutic Goods Administration on goods imported by Nutrition Warehouse Pty Ltd, the company has given an undertaking to engage a qualified compliance professional to ensure it does not commit any future breaches of the Therapeutic Goods Act.

2014, a Bad Year for Homoeopathy: News has ranged from the Draft Information Paper on Homoeopathy from the NHMRC, which concluded there was no reliable evidence for the use of homoeopathy in the treatment of the 61 health conditions, to the Federal Court which found that Homeopathy Plus! was engaged in misleading conduct over its homoeopathic “vaccines”.

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Acupuncture for chronic knee pain: a randomized clinical trial: Acupuncture is not effective for patients older than 50 years with moderate to severe chronic knee pain. This trial, involving 282 patients and found that neither laser nor needle acupuncture conferred benefit over sham for pain or function.

Cancer often caused by ‘bad luck’, not genes, say Johns Hopkins researchers: Cancer is often caused by the “bad luck” of random mutations that arise when cells divide, not family history or environmental causes, US researchers say.

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