Bias, tanning, Ukraine, and more…

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Sex and racial bias in cardiac care: “In order for physicians to be advocates for their patients we need to confront these biases that can lead to worse medical outcomes for our patients. Systemic and societal issue are of course very tricky to deal with and are more of a generational project. Individual clinician biases, however, can yield fairly quickly to data and education. We now have extensive research describing the problem. One solution is to incorporate not just these individual cases, but the deeper principles of critical thinking into standard medical education.”

Normalizing dead children: “Various forces want us to sweep these tragedies under the rug. They are are just the cost of allowing adults to do whatever they want. In the same way that some doctors disparage those who wish to acknowledge the existence of children who died of COVID, after a mass shooting, certain politicians predictably say that “this is not a time” to discuss how to keep more children alive – as if there is ever an inappropriate time for such a topic.”

What do Tucker Carlson, testicular tanning, and fascism have in common? “The concept of sunning your butthole, perineum, or nether regions was a concept so ridiculous that at the time I openly wondered whether it was some sort of deliberate and elaborate trolling by social media wellness influencers. Apparently I was wrong.”


The triple threat to healthcare workers in Ukraine: “In a disrupted society, healthcare workers face a triple threat: they and their families are affected; their work environment is in disarray; and their burden of work increases in tandem with the severity of the crisis, as both the intensity and volume of work soars.”

Great Moments in Health and Science 

The Pill – a short history: Women’s rights are human rights, and the technology for women to have safe control over their own reproduction has been one of the most important modern medical advancements. “Sanger famously wrote that ‘No woman can call herself free who does not own and control her own body. No woman can call herself free until she can choose consciously whether or not she can be a mother.’”

Thanks to Science

A brief history of vaccination: Learn the story of these life saving jabs.