Fascism, urination, death, and more…

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Why is there now such an affinity between anti-vaxxers and fascism? “Nor was this the first time that the Proud Boys and other fascists have appeared at anti-vaccine rallies. For example, in July Proud Boys showed up at an anti-vaccine rally in Los Angeles at which anti-vaxxers showed up at a breast cancer clinic and harassed patients, as well as the doctors, nurses, and other staff who were caring for them. Violence broke out, some of which involved attacking a cancer patient.”


When the dying COVID patient is 23: Palliative care conversations have taken on a new meaning during the pandemic.

War memorial ‘urinated on by anti-vaxxers’ as Canadian police launch investigation: “Anti-vaccine protesters in Canada may face charges after urinating on the National War Memorial. A ‘freedom convoy’ descended on the capital this weekend and faced criticism for dancing on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and using the statue of national hero Terry Fox to display an anti-vaccine statement.”

A repentant anti-vax activist is reportedly urging people to get vaccinated after a ‘fan’ of his died of COVID-19: “I feel like that death was my fault, and that still bothers me today.”

Traditional Chinese doctor killed diabetic patient, 56, by telling her not to take ‘Western medication’ and prescribing herbs instead, trial hears: ” ‘(His) final direction, that she stop taking Western medication and start taking herbal medications prescribed by him, set in train a series of events that led to her death,’ crown prosecutor Emma Blizard told the Sydney District Court on Thursday.”