Obfuscation, clots, ventilators, and more…

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‘A classic case of TGA Bureaucratic obfuscation’ – Harvey: “In 2021 the TGA has focused on COVID-19 and medical cannabis complaints and, apart from token efforts, they have neglected the far more common advertising violations of complementary medicines…. They consistently regard the latter as low priority, despite their frequency and the consumer detriment caused.”

The Australian obesity epidemic and the regulation of complementary medicine weight loss products: “Despite the TGA delisting three products and sponsors delisting ten others, all products complained about were still being advertised… for recalcitrant sponsors who repeatedly make egregious claims, civil and criminal penalties are required.”


‘Just in time’ – how Australian doctors drastically reduced deaths from vaccine-linked blood clots: Before the first case of blood clotting related to the AZ COVID-19 vaccine was detected in Australia, experts like haematologist Dr Vivien Chen put a treatment plan in place to deal with these patients, including designing a workflow of tests and scans and enabling access to specialised medication. These efforts meant that mortality rate from AZ-related TTS in Australia is far lower than that observed in the UK and other countries, and our experts have made these treatment plans accessible to other nations concerned about TTS.

Great Moments in Health and Science 

The surprisingly long history of the ventilator, the machine you never want to need: The machine you hope to never need, ventilators are a life-saving technology to support those who are unable to support their own breathing. In related news, please get vaccinated.

Lesser-known Health Professions

Diversional Therapist: Diversional therapists design and facilitate recreation and leisure programs to promote the emotional, social, spiritual, psychological, and physical well-being of individuals. There are many different workplaces in which diversional therapists can be found. Examples include community centres, rehabilitation and hospital units, aged care residential facilities, day and respite service organisations, and mental health services organisations.