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TGA does ‘terrible job’ on CMS, say critics: Dr Ken Harvey, president of Friends of Science in Medicine, and Honorary Adjunct Associate Professor at Bond University, and Professor John Dwyer AO, Past President of Friends of Science in Medicine, and Emeritus Professor of Medicine at UNSW Sydney, have written a piece in MJA Insight in which they ask “Where’s the evidence?” for the AUST L(A) listing of Caruso’s Prostate EZE Max.


Chiropractic treatment, a $15-billion industry, has its roots in a ghost story  “Daniel David Palmer, the “father” of chiropractic who performed the first chiropractic adjustment in 1895, was an avid spiritualist. He maintained that the notion and basic principles of chiropractic treatment were passed along to him during a seance by a long-dead doctor.”

Concerned about the latest AstraZeneca news? These 3 graphics help you make sense of the risk: The media attention given to the AZ TTS blood clots has distorted their risk in the minds of Australians – it is helpful to consider the risk of adverse events from activities we partake in every day.

Thanks to Science

The Invention of the Sphygmomanometer: Present in nearly every GP’s office, this simple tool allows for efficient and non-invasive blood pressure measurements.

Lesser-known Health Professions

Hospice Care Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA): Hospice care CNAs help patients navigate their final weeks or months of life by providing personal care and support services. Common responsibilities include assisting with hygiene, changing out bedding and clothes, bathing them, and cleaning any wounds.