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Explaining the AstraZeneca blood clots: what are our risks and how do we proceed? FSM’s John Dwyer explains blood clots and the AZ vaccine – and the best way forward for Australia.

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Catgut Acupuncture: “Acupuncture is a theatrical placebo based on pre-scientific notions of anatomy and physiology. It proposes a system of “meridians” throughout the body carrying “qi”, or energy, which, when blocked, causes disease and other maladies. Unblocking the flow of this energy by sticking needles in “acupoints” located all over the body (although there is no agreement on where they are) is the putative point of acupuncture.”

Recognising misinformation with Timothy Caulfield: It’s unlikely that an obscure website shared on Facebook will have access to secret information that cannot be validated somewhere else. Ask yourself, what type of evidence is being used? Is this a testimonial? Who is writing this information, and what stakes do they have in what they are selling? Are they influencers? Do they profit from whatever they may be selling?”

Lesser-known Health Professions

Pedorthist: This is a healthcare professional who is trained to make specialized footwear for patients with conditions involving lower extremities and feet. A pedorthist assesses the patient’s condition and makes the necessary modifications to their footwear or corrective devices in order to assist in their recovery or rehabilitation. Other, less severe cases that can require the expertise of a pedorthist include instances of flat feet, bunions, or diabetes.