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Complementary medicines – Exporting ‘White Australia Policy’ If a medicine is not permitted by Australian authorities, what business do Australian authorities have manufacturing and selling these products overseas? Our FSM President, Associate Professor Ken Harvey, weighs in.


Japan’s halt of regular HPV vaccine to cause thousands of cancer deaths: “A decision by Japan to stop recommending adolescent girls receive a HPV vaccination will likely result in almost 11,000 deaths from cervical cancer if it is not reversed, according to a study in a prestigious medical journal. A study published in The Lancet Public Health on Monday (Feb 10) said that policy would lead to more than 24,600 cervical cancer cases that could have been prevented. Using Japanese population and medical data and forecasted cervical cancer incidence, the study found that, if nothing changes, there would be 10,800 preventable deaths from cervical cancer over the next 50 years.”

Why the new coronavirus (mostly) spares children It’s always good to hear some good news, such as evidence that children may be at a lower risk for coronavirus. “The body’s innate immunity, which is critical for fighting viruses, also deteriorates with age, and particularly after middle age. Something happens at age 50,” Dr. MacIntyre said. “It declines, and it declines exponentially, which is why for most infections we see the highest incidence in the elderly.”

COMMENTARY || To win the fight against health and wellness bunk, we must leave the post-truth era in the past: “Remember that facts still matter. Correcting misinformation is a complex and increasingly difficult endeavour”

Coronavirus: how worried should I be about the shortage of face masks? Or can I just use a scarf? While news of mask shortages might sound scary, if you are in a country with few isolated cases, you don’t need one anyway as the risk of infection is very low for the general public. Panic buying or stockpiling also means there won’t be enough to go round should the situation worsen. Even if you do use a face mask, they may protect against large droplets (ones you can feel on your skin when someone sneezes) and self-contamination from your hands, but not against smaller airborne particles. Don’t forget, hand-washing is also very effective in preventing infection.

No fluoride and sun gazing – Just a running tally of the false health claims made by Pete Evans: “Evans has never explicitly stated that he’s anti-vaxx and, in fact, his publicists recently denied it. Yet there are several examples of the chef aligning himself with prominent members of the movement.”  Here are some of Evans most stunning claims, and why they’re wrong.

Great Moments in Health and Science 

The First Cholecystectomy. History of Medicine – The Galling Gallbladder: The removal of painful gallbladders afflicted with gallstones was not performed until 1882, and modern less invasive keyhole removal was not possible until over 100 years later, in 1985.

Today’s Abused Health Concept

Coronavirus quackery. Warning about products claiming to treat or prevent the novel coronavirusEvery time there is a health scare, some complementary and alternative medicine vendors irresponsibly cash in by claiming that they can treat or protect against the threat. The current crisis with the novel coranavirus is no different, with the TGA issuing a warning for non-compliant goods. As a reminder, any medication claiming to treat or prevent coranavirus MUST be registered with the TGA in Australia. If the product you are looking at is not TGA approved, it’s probably because it is a scam.