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‘It’s ineffective and dangerous’: Elle Macpherson comes under fire for promoting colloidal silver – a ‘toxic’ substance that can turn the skin blue: Elle Macpherson has come under fire by health experts for promoting a ‘toxic’ and ‘fatal’ substance, colloidal silver, that can permanently turn the skin blue. As reported by The Sunday Telegraph, the Australian supermodel, 56, promoted a recipe to ‘take one drop of coated silver in water each day’ on Instagram on Friday. Professor of Medicine John Dwyer told the publication this week: “It’s ineffective and dangerous, and anyone who uses it is foolish and has been poorly advised.”

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Joe Mercola – Falsely demonizing the flu vaccine by claiming it increases your risk of COVID-19: “In the end, what we have here from “Dr.” Mercola is nothing more than a Gish gallop of cherry picked studies and observations without context designed to spread fear, uncertainty, and doubt about the flu vaccine.”

Lesser-known Health Professions

Day in the Life – Forensic Pathology – A/Prof David Ranson:  Forensic pathologists are medical doctors specialised in determining cause death. In doing so, they provide essential information for families of the deceased, the public health system and the legal system.

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COVID – Not Close to Herd Immunity: The strategy of natural herd immunity for COVID-19 has been analysed and rejected as we learned more about the nature of the virus. The only way it would be possible to acquire natural herd immunity would be for an infection rate 8-9 times that of the US, in order to achieve a minimum herd immunity of just 50%, which is not likely to be effective for an infectious disease like COVID-19. This would come with the horrific numbers of additional deaths, and the increased death-rate due to overwhelming the health care system. Could the US sustain an additional 1-2 million deaths? How about the rest of the world? EVEN then the immunity may only last a year.

Despite this, natural herd immunity is STILL being promoted by alternative voices as preferable to government controls and vaccines. This may be in part due to increased politicisation of healthcare, and corresponding reduced trust in public institutions. But overwhelmingly, this view is based in misinformation and conspiracy thinking. We need to oppose misinformation and politicisation with a strong commitment to scientific evidence based health care.  “The bottom line is that there is no path to natural herd immunity that is not horrific.”