News: 13-19 March 2017

Health authorities issue warning about clinic supplying controversial cocktail of diet drugs: Australian patients are being warned about taking cocktails of controversial weight loss drugs being offered by doctors linked to a failed medical clinic.

Special Investigation: Science Denial: With the unprecedented increase in recent years of the rejection of expertise and informed advice in decision making, this report looks at the rising phenomena of science denial – what it is, why it occurs, what influence it has and what can be done about it.

 Blackmores marketing material slammed in China on Consumer Rights Day:  Blackmores was fined approximately $69,000 for claiming online and in stores that it was Australia’s top nutritional supplement brand, and that its vitamins could treat cardiovascular disease and assist the treatment of arthritis.

Robust evidence is in: this herbal remedy is as effective as antidepressants: A systematic review shows that St John’s wort was superior to placebo in alleviating the symptoms of major depressive disorder and was efficacious as conventional antidepressants and patients were significantly less likely to experience adverse events.

Fluoride wars: The science is unequivocal: fluoridation promotes good oral health.

Fish Oil Supplements May Not Help Prevent Heart Disease:Those who already have certain forms of heart disease may benefit, though, a new report finds.

Vaccination debate flares on NSW north coast after 7yo contracts tetanus: A northern New South Wales doctor says a seven-year-old child who is in a critical condition after being diagnosed with tetanus was not immunised.

From the UK:

Charity Commission consults on future of alternative medicine charities: The Charity Commission yesterday launched a consultation into complementary and alternative medicine, after agreeing to review whether organisations such as those promoting homeopathy should remain on the register.

From the US:

2 critically ill in San Francisco after drinking toxic tea: Two people are critically sick in San Francisco after drinking tea from the same Chinatown herbalist.