Vaccines, imbalance, accreditation, and more…

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When do we vaccinate the kids? “Immunologist  John Dwyer​, an emeritus professor of medicine at the University of New South Wales, warns of the greater risk posed by the Delta strain to both children and unvaccinated adults…. The higher the levels … [Read more...]

Brain damage, risk, dichotomies, and more…

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Neurological manifestations of COVID-19: “Some researchers are warning, that the damage caused to the brain from severe COVID-19 might have long term effects that are not recognized for years. Ischemic and inflammatory damage to brain cells may accelerate degenerative processes, … [Read more...]

Loopholes, risks, deception, and more…

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Hawthorn medical institute faces scrutiny over clinical trials: Loophole exposed in Australia’s Clinical Trial Regulations. As discussed in a previous post, the National Institute of Integrative Medicine have been offering and conducting unaccredited cancer tests – for a fee to … [Read more...]

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Media, Olympians, Russians, and more…

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Poor leadership, irresponsible media and a clever virus:  “President Biden has vented his frustration with Facebook for allowing a huge amount of dangerous misinformation about the dangers of Covid vaccines to be propagated. A ‘free speech’ debate is raging but as … [Read more...]

Lockdowns, risks, gateways, and more…

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The NSW ‘lockdown’ that isn’t while putting business before people: A ‘lockdown’ strategy that does not involve lockdown, a vaccine distribution policy that is dangerously inconsistent and COVID-19 testing facilities that cannot meet the demand generated by public health orders, … [Read more...]

Chaos, integrity, safety, and more…

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The chaotic incompetence of our roll out of the COVID-19 vaccines? Part 1: “It is obvious that vaccination is the only weapon available to end the global pandemic and that weapon is powerful and can do the trick. However you … [Read more...]

Bunk, Delta, Egg Timers and more…

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Can we have confidence in the Therapeutic Goods Administration?: “Two recent decisions by the TGA have further reduced the confidence that health professionals and consumers have in the regulation of complementary medicines. The first was allowing complementary medicines as a reward … [Read more...]

Confidence, vaccines, variants, and more…

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Can we have confidence in the Therapeutic Goods Administration? There are only two TGA checks on the regulation of listed products: a small number of post-marketing surveillance reviews [1.6% of market] and the advertising complaint system. Of reviewed products 75% are … [Read more...]