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Premier Berejiklian, please stop thinking about easing of restrictions after “6 million jabs”: “There have been many mistakes in many countries hindering efforts to control the COVID-19 pandemic. None has been more counterproductive than the premature easing of public health containment initiatives. Time and time again this has breathed new life into infections by the SARS-Cov-2 virus. This is especially so when dealing with the ‘Delta’ variant.”

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CANADA – Health law professor says ‘ideological lens’ behind unproven COVID-19 treatment: “There’s a disconnect between those who won’t get a vaccine, but are willing to ingest a medicine meant for animals. It really shows the power that a conspiracy theory mindset can have on how you see the universe.”


Countless anti-vaxxers and COVID-19 hoax believers dying from the virus: As SARS-CoV-2 infections surge across the world (including Australia), severely ill people are increasingly unvaccinated and ‘anti-vax’. Multiple ‘influencers’ spreading misinformation on COVID-19 vaccines, or the COVID-19 pandemic, are changing their tune too late – often their acknowledgement that vaccination could have saved their lives is coming from their hospital bed, and is not nearly as well publicised as their dangerous anti-vax messages which influence countless anti-vax and vaccine hesitant individuals.

How to think like a scientist – and why you should: “When thinking about a problem or debate, scientists always start with an open mind. If you already think you know the answer, how receptive are you going to be to new information? And really, unless you are an expert, how likely is it that you really do know the right answer?”

Great Moments in Health and Science 

The Invention of the Wheelchair. Australia’s Madison de Rozario takes gold in the women’s T54 marathon at the Paralympic Games: Did you know that the world record for the wheelchair marathon is faster than that of the marathon? Wheelchairs enable mobility and independence for athletes and non-athletes alike, all over the world.

Lesser-known Health Professions

Correctional Facility Medical Assistant: These professionals work in correctional facilities and assist with clinical and administrative tasks. They collect patient histories, take vital signs, assist with examinations, and administer medications under the supervision of a licensed physician. They may also schedule appointments, take phone calls, and manage schedules.