Wheat germ, approvals, anti-maskers, and more…

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Avemar – wheat germ for cancer: FSM is featured in Science Based Medicine!!! ‘Avemar’ is a food product that takes advantage of cancer patients through predatory marketing and a number of unsupported claims. One would expect that the public would be protected from such ethical challenges, but clearly more work needs to be done

Premier Berejiklian, please stop thinking about easing of restrictions after “6 million jabs”: ” ’Long COVID’ which can debilitate those who have recovered from an acute infection for many months is now being noticed in 10% of infected children in the US. There is an important message for us within these statistics. There are 1,200,000 children under 12 in NSW and while our major effort at this time must be directed to immunising the most vulnerable we need to start planning now for how we will immunise our children when vaccine is available for them. Ongoing trials suggest that we can expect approval for vaccinating our youngest by the end of the year. We need to protect them and reduce their ability to be spreaders of virus.”

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Vaccines, vaccines and more vaccines: “In a bit of good news, the FDA has given full approval to the Pfizer vaccine for COVID-19. It is anticipated the Moderna’s approval is close behind (they were a bit slower in submitting all the necessary paperwork). There is also pressure to extend approval for all three US vaccine to the pediatric population, especially as the delta variant seems to be more infectious and serious in children. FDA approval removes one of the objections that many vaccine-hesitant individuals cite as the reason for not getting the vaccine. While this excuse was never valid (often it was stated that the vaccines were experimental, but this was not true), it is expected that the approval will result in millions more people getting vaccinated.”


Scientists must speak out against misinformation about “immune-boosting” supplements:  “In the last four weeks or so, the amount of misinformation that is out there seems to be getting worse, and I think that’s really confusing for the general public,” Dr Kerkhove said earlier this week. That misinformation is a huge factor in “really allowing the virus to thrive”, she said  ”Scientists must speak out against misinformation about “immune-boosting” supplements” ”.

Caleb Wallace – Texas anti-masker, 30, dies of COVID-19 after battling virus for weeks: “Despite repeated warnings from the FDA, and numerous public health officials, many Americans have refused to heed the advice and suffered the consequences. On August 24, we reported about the death of Haley Richardson, a pregnant nurse in Alabama who refused to get vaccinated. In late July, anti-masker and right-wing radio host, Phil Valentine was taken to critical care after contracting COVID-19. He died in late August. On August 19, a local GOP leader and anti-masker Pressley Stutts also died after contracting COVID-19.”

Countless anti-vaxxers and COVID-19 hoax believers dying from the virus: “Health authorities have voiced their growing concern about the persuasive nature of misinformation shared online. Maria Van Kerkhove, the World Health Organisation’s technical lead on COVID-19, said she blamed myths, lies and conspiracies spread on social media for keeping people from getting vaccinated, helping to drive an increase in cases.”