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When do we vaccinate the kids? “There is more urgency across the Tasman, where immunologist John Dwyer​, an emeritus professor of medicine at the University of New South Wales, warns of the greater risk posed by the Delta strain to both children and unvaccinated adults. Figures from the US have been cited, showing that 36,000 infected children have been admitted to hospital and almost 400 have died. This remains a tiny proportion of the overall number of US cases. The vast majority of US children do recover, although around 10 per cent are left with the lingering effects of “long Covid”. Dwyer said of the Australian effort that: “I don’t know of any significant epidemiologist who isn’t saying that we are going to have to vaccinate all children over 2 to really get herd immunity. The problem with the government’s plan at the moment is they are talking about immunising people over the age of 16.”

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Medical error is not the third leading cause of death: “A popular claim that medical error is the third leading cause of death in the United States originated in a 2016 back-of-the-envelope analysis published in the British Medical Journal. This ranking is an exaggeration that was arrived at by combining a small number of studies done in populations that were not meant to be representative of the entire U.S. population and that were not designed to prove a link between a medical error and death. The claim is often used by proponents of alternative medicine to scare people away from medical care.”

Fake homeopathy COVID scam: “This defendant allegedly defrauded and endangered the public by preying on fears and spreading misinformation about FDA-authorized vaccinations, while also peddling fake treatments that put people’s lives at risk. Even worse, the defendant allegedly created counterfeit COVID-19 vaccination cards and instructed her customers to falsely mark that they had received a vaccine, allowing them to circumvent efforts to contain the spread of the disease.”

Today’s Abused Health Concept

Foods for special medical purposes (FSMP). Avemar, a food for special medical purposes for cancer patients? An FSMP is a food specially formulated for those who have “special medically determined nutrient requirements”. An FSMP 
• is generally for use under medical supervision;
• is to be sold through a responsible institution;
• must not refer to the prevention, diagnosis, cure or alleviation of a disease, disorder or condition…

So how is it that Avemar (FSMP) advertises itself as “an effective complementary treatment for cancer”?
How is it that Avemar claims to increase the efficacy of various cancer treatments including surgery?
How is it that Avemar is allowed to be sold direct to vunerable patients over the internet?
How are they getting away with predatory marketing to cancer patients ?

“If this product were classified as a therapeutic good, the above claims could constitute multiple breaches of the Therapeutic Goods Advertising Code… However, food sponsors can self-declare their product a Food for Special Medical Purposes without any pre-market assessment by FSANZ or other authorities… I argue that FSANZ is responsible for this ongoing lamentable situation. FSANZ have failed to urge the government to apply pre-market evaluation to Food for Special Medical Purposes, failed to resolve contradictions in the Standard and failed to effectively liaise with the TGA to harmonise advertising standards across the food-medicine interface. A complaint about the promotion of Avemar has been submitted to Food Safety Standards and Regulation Queensland and copied to FSANZ, TGA and ACCC.“

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The Discovery of Viruses – Virus 104: Much smaller than even cells, Dr Karl talks about our knowledge of viruses. Whilst some viruses are capable of causing devastating diseases, other viruses are a part of human DNA.