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The chaotic incompetence of our roll out of the COVID-19 vaccines? Part 1: “It is obvious that vaccination is the only weapon available to end the global pandemic and that weapon is powerful and can do the trick. However you can’t put the fire out with a trickle from the hose.”

Enough with the hidden persuaders – we need a national integrity commission now:The daily news relentlessly features items that don’t pass the pub test. Staffers in the national parliament use desks for purposes best confined to a bedroom. Politicians denounce their colleagues, lose a position and then unashamedly reappear. State and local governments engage in sweetheart deals with land acquisition. Special interests are privileged in deals regarding coal and water, without regard for future generations or even probity.”

My fellow over-60s, you need to be vaccinated. Yesterday. Your vaccine is available, abundant … and safe: COVID-19 is a horrible disease and abundant worldwide experience has demonstrated that we “oldies” over 60 (there are more than four million of us in Australia) are most vulnerable to serious infection and even death if infected. Bottom line: you don’t want to get COVID-19.


Chiropractors aren’t qualified to give COVID-19 vaccine advice, health experts warn: “Chiropractors in particular, unless they’ve taken it upon themselves to receive additional training, do not have expertise in vaccination,” Busse said, adding some chiropractors who are already against vaccines often find more support “in those echo chambers.”

Great Moments in Health and Science 

A Guide to Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI): High resolution images of the internal organs using powerful magnets – how did this remarkable machine come to be?