V-gasms, covid-quacks, flu, and more…

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“V-gasm”? A confused anti-vaxxer likens COVID-19 vaccines to sex and religion: “Of course, anti-vaxxers have long tried to liken the science that shows that vaccines work and are safe and effective to religion, even as they try to weaponize religion as an excuse not to vaccinate by claiming vaccines are against their religion. It’s a common tactic among cranks, because if they can portray science as just another religion then they can elevate their conspiracy theories and pseudoscience to the same level”.

We’ve crushed the flu this year: “A combination of social distancing, closed schools and businesses, dramatically reduced travel, and high flu vaccination rates has achieved something that most flu experts never thought possible.”


Why do some people believe health misinformation? A study of 1,020 Americans showed that people who practice homeopathy, also believe in other false and conspiracy theories.

Today’s Abused Health Concept

Quack treatments for COVID-19 – Joe Mercola warned by FDA about quack COVID-19 treatments: Long term seller of health quackery, Joseph Mercola, has been warned by the FDA after selling vitamins as a treatment for COVID-19, and making claims that are contrary to the evidence.

Lesser-known Health Professions

Prosthetics Technician: “Prosthetic technicians support orthotists and prosthetists by building, repairing, and maintaining required prosthetics for their clients. A common day may include fitting an artificial limb for a new client, repairing a brace, or selecting strong and lightweight materials for creating a new prosthetic.”