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 ‘Madness’ – Immunologist criticises ‘premature’ call the Australian Open: An immunologist has criticised the decision to hold the Australian Open in Melbourne amidst the coronavirus pandemic. More than 70 players are in hard lockdown in Melbourne quarantine hotels after another four players and their entourage tested positive to the virus. UNSW Emeritus Professor of Medicine, John Dwyer, told Scott Emerson it was ridiculous to put the state at risk and it should have been abandoned this year. “To have the Australian Open this year at all is madness, I mean we are bringing in 1000 people, tennis players from every country in the world, and the world is awash with COVID-19, as we are finding out”.

Those in the public health arena are ‘going too far’: Emeritus Professor John Dwyer is among those most recently calling for state governments to stop inviting crowds to major sporting events. “Why take any risks for a game of cricket which you can watch perfectly well on television,” Professor Dwyer said.

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Bastyr University’s MPH and MPH/ND programs should not be accredited: “The remaining 75% (561 hours) contained dubious diagnostics and experimental treatments that were so embedded within a pseudo-scientific and pseudo-medical practice that the student clinician loses the ability to assess what is truth and what is make-believe. When homeopathic remedies are presented on the same level as antibiotic treatment, the naturopathic student is lost”.

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What does an epidemiologist do? Epidemiologists play an essential role in monitoring the pattern and prevalence of diseases, which allows for specific public health responses to be planned and implemented.