Cricket, sabotage, triage, and more…

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Those in the public health arena are ‘going too far’: Immunologist and FSM co-founder Emeritus Professor John Dwyer criticises the decision to go ahead with the test match at the SCG, and is accused of ‘going too far’. 

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Federal appeals court strikes down conversion therapy bans: Conversion therapy is ineffective, unscientific, and unethical.


Wisconsin pharmacist arrested on charges of sabotaging COVID-19 vaccine doses: Sometimes, we just don’t have words… A hospital worker has been arrested after deliberately leaving 550 vaccine doses to thaw, rendering them useless. The thawed vaccine poses no risk to the patients, but would not afford any protection.  It is incredibly hard to understand the choices some people make, especially when they choose to be so irresponsible.

‘Human disaster’ unfolding in LA will get worse, experts say: In medical ethics, an important concept is TRIAGE. When medical resources are limited, medical personal are forced to choose how to distribute those resources so that the greatest amount of benefit is provided to the greatest amount of people. Sometimes this means having to choose who gets care first, or who gets care at all. COVID-19 cases, ambulances have been instructed not to transport low odds patients to hospital. This includes putting a time limit on resuscitating cardiac arrests. This is a gut wrenching time for communities suffering the uncontrolled pandemic. Our thoughts and sympathies are with those so affected, but words of support ring hollow. As we all await the roll out of the vaccines, the primary weapons against the pandemic remain social distancing, masks, and infection control. Let’s all do our part.

Great Moments in Health and Science 

A brief history of the endotracheal tube:  Endotracheal tubes serve as an important means of providing the body with oxygen when a person’s airway is unstable, such as during surgery or after an accident.