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There is no COVID-19 “casedemic.” The pandemic is real and deadly: COVID-19 has killed over a quarter million Americans in less than a year, roughly the equivalent of a 9/11 attack every 4 days. This is the tragic consequence of what happens when fact, opinion, and rumour are held as equally valid depictions of reality.


The plural of anecdote Is misinformation: “In a post-truth era on social media, the plural of anecdote might be more accurately described as misinformation.”

A gym trainer exposed 50 athletes to COVID-19, but no one else got sick because of a ventilation redesign: “Minnick created athlete stations near the bay doors that gave each one 10 feet of space. The stations are marked on the floor with orange tape and have all of the necessary equipment located inside. There’s no traveling about the gym or doing partner workouts while sharing equipment.”

Physio, chiro, osteo and myo: what’s the difference and which one should I get?  “The breadth of scientific evidence for exercise prescription as a treatment for muscle, ligament, tendon, bone and joint complaints far outweighs the limited scientific support for the prolonged use of “passive” treatments like massage, manipulation, and adjustments. Research suggests these passive treatments should only be used as adjuncts to active treatments. This type of therapy may be appropriate in the early stages of your care, and let’s face it, most people love a massage. However, in the long term, it doesn’t equip you with the skills required to manage your condition. It may even result in over-reliance on your health-care professional and cost you more in the long run. It’s important to find a health-care professional that empowers you to participate in appropriate exercise, develop skills to self-manage your aches and pains and maintain a healthy, active lifestyle.”

No evidence that vitamin D prevents coronavirus, say experts: ”The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (Nice) said that, having examined five studies, it had not found evidence to support any benefit from vitamin D with respect to COVID-19”.  The Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition (SACN) also reached the same conclusion that the evidence does not support recommending vitamin D supplementation to prevent acute respiratory tract infections.

Thanks to Science

A history of sunscreen: Modern sunscreens continue to help prevent cancer-causing radiation from damaging your skin cells, whilst being much more convenient than the early versions consisting of a red sticky jelly.