Masks, antibiotics, scams, and more…

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Do masks work?  “So here, then, is my bottom line. Sure, wear face masks whenever you are out in public or have to be exposed to other people – but wear the mask properly, don’t touch or adjust it, don’t take it off or lower it even briefly. Further, understand this is only modest protection. It may statistically help reduce the spread of the pandemic, but it is not total protection. So you still have to adhere to strict recommendations to avoid spread – physical distancing and hand washing being the most important. Also, if you are sick, you can apparently cough the virus through your mask, so still cough into your elbow and not at other people or onto the environment. But most importantly, if you think you may be sick, self-isolate. A mask is not adequate protection for others. So wear the mask properly, but act as if the mask does not work.”


’Deeply worrying’ – 92% of Australians don’t know the difference between viral and bacterial infections: We need Australians to get to know their germs, and stop taking antibiotics unnecessarily. Without antibiotics, we may find ourselves facing a host of new incurable diseases, even as the world grapples with COVID-19.

Some anti-vaxxers are changing their minds because of the coronavirus pandemic:  “I wasn’t actively looking for vaccine information but the more I learned, the more I realized it would help and the easier it became to recognize the lack of science in anti-vax arguments,” she said.

Coronavirus scams – Consumers warned about fake treatments and cures: No doubt this is already abundantly clear, but for those who might still harbour doubts:
• There is no cure for coronavirus.
• There are no treatments/supplements/diets that prevent coronavirus infection.
• Maintain social distancing and wash your hands.
• That’s it.

Great Moments in Health and Science 

The Development of Bone Marrow Transplant: As well as advancements in chemotherapy and radiotherapy, bone marrow transplants are one of the important reasons for why childhood leukaemia has gone from a death sentence to an over 90% cure rate.

Today’s Abused Health concept

Bleach, aka Miracle Mineral Solution: FSM’s Ken Harvey answers charlatans using the crisis to sell COVID-19 cures.