Smart guts, broken necks, mechanical hearts, and more…

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Pushing the last frontier – The Flinders Uni researchers cracking the colon code: “Propulsion of intestinal contents is controlled by millions of neurons within the wall of the gut, known as the enteric nervous system. Capable of operating independently of the brain, a functioning enteric nervous system is essential for life – but exactly how it functions has been a mystery.”

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Measles immune suppression – Tetyana Obukhanych cherry-picking: Measles is a scary disease. Able to attack and kill immune system lymphocytes, destroying the immune system’s data, resetting immunity back as far as infancy levels, and reducing immune system effectiveness for as long as 5 years. Even if you are not directly harmed by a measles infection, the odds of harm and injury from OTHER diseases is significantly increased. And somehow, in their zeal to oppose the use of the MMR vaccine, anti-vaccinators will actually claim that damage to the immune system is a GOOD thing. Such delusion is apparently what passed for expert authority in anti-vax circles.


Miscarriages affect 1 in 6 pregnancies. We need better investigations and treatmentsA miscarriage is a devastating event. Those who experience them are suddenly and unexpectedly robbed of the promise of new life and the dream of an expanded family. The emotional toll can be even greater if conception was delayed, or if fertility treatments were required to achieve a pregnancy.

Bank manager died after he was left with broken neck following session with chiropractor, inquest hears: Devastating!

Engineered stone benchtops are killing our tradies. Here’s why a ban’s the only answer: The National Dust Disease Taskforce is preparing to read submissions next week on how best to handle the resurgence of the fatal lung disease silicosis. This can develop after breathing in silica dust when cutting artificial stone — also known as engineered, composite or manufactured stone — the type used for kitchen benchtops.

Vaping-related lung disease now has a name – and a likely cause. 5 Things You Need to Know About EVALI: Update on the vaping-related lung damage happening in the USA. Earlier suspicions about the vaping deaths have been confirmed with further study. The culprit is vitamin E acetate, a substance used to cut THC-containing vape products. Damage is not caused by nicotine-containing vape and most of the cases are occurring in the US because THC vaping is much more common there. Hopefully this will help put people’s mind at ease, especially those vaping nicotine to stay away from cigarettes.

Great Moments in Health and Science

History of the Artificial Heart: Due to the rarity of heart transplant options, artificial hearts are mostly used to bridge the time gap to transplant. Some modern artificial hearts actually use a continuous flow, meaning that the recipient doesn’t have a “pulse”!

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Naturopath who said bicarbonate soda cures cancer banned for life by health watchdog: It is very common to point out a particularly maleficent alt-med practitioner, only to have the proponents say “but she wasn’t a qualified”, or “but he wasn’t a PROFESSIONAL member” and thus try to avoid the blame on their group. The simple fact is, that even when a naturopath goes so far as to claim that cancer is a FUNGUS, the naturopath community will tolerate and protect them as one of their own, and it is left to the conventional medical community to enforce any kind of standard. Any so-called ‘profession’ that doesn’t work to filter out and remove low quality actors and bad practises can logically be defined by the worst examples in it’s cohort.