News: 2-9 April 2017

Blackmores gives $10 million donation for complementary medicine research: Friends of Science in Medicine executive member Ken Harvey said Blackmores research had previously been presented to indicate a benefit to some of its products where there was none.

Tory Shepherd: Doggie detox? Cat chiro? Give me a break:  Anywhere there’s garbage science to be found, you’ll also find homoeopathy, and pet care is no different.

Contrary to what we are frequently told, we are not “losing the war on cancer”: A common narrative about cancer is that we are making no progress in our fight against it. Fortunately, the actual data do not agree. Yes, too many people still die of cancer and progress is slow, but it’s not correct to claim that we are losing the war on cancer.

Vitamin D supplements did not significantly reduce cancer risk in trial of older women:  Of 2,303 women with high vitamin D levels, 45 women taking vitamin D3 and calcium supplements were diagnosed with cancer within four years, compared with 64 women taking placebo.

NSW Health issue urgent warning about measles outbreak after ten contract virus: NSW Health is warning about a measles outbreak after six more Sydneysiders contracted the disease.

The Anti-Vaccine Movement Has Found A New, Alarming Way To Threaten Public Health: The vitamin K shot is a lifesaving measure, and the risks of refusal are far too high for a sensible parent to take.

How Flawed Science Is Undermining Good Medicine: If you cut the [$30 billion] budget of the National Institutes of Health, it could be devastating to biomedical research.