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The following articles appeared in the media last week:

Articles from 16.01.17-22.01.17

Chinese BioMedical Research: Sturgeon’s Law In Action: A Chinese government investigation has found that 80%, yes eighty percent, of Chinese biomedical research is fabricated. I bet that is an underestimate for Traditional Chinese Pseudo-Medicine.

Acupuncture isn’t the answer to a crying baby: This week there has been enormously wide coverage in the press for one of the worst papers on acupuncture published.

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Two hallmarks of alternative medicine: Whenever a level-headed person discloses that a specific alternative therapy is not based on good evidence, you can bet your last shirt that a proponent of the said treatment responds by claiming that conventional medicine is not much better.

Alternative medicine: a thing for the elderly!?!?: We all know that alternative medicine is currently popular, and much of the evidence suggested that this is mostly because mostly people in the midst of their lives are using it.

So, 'Detoxes' Or 'Cleanses' Don't Work. Here's Why: Avoid falling for clever marketing and save your money (From the Huffington Post).

Chiros fighting chiros: The ‘CHRONICLE OF CHIROPRACTIC’ recently reported on the relentless battle within the chiropractic profession about the issue of ‘subluxation’.

Advertising naturopathy:The Committees of Advertising Practice (CAP) write and maintain the UK Advertising Codes, which are administered by the Advertising Standards Authority. On their website, the CAP recently published an updated advertising code for naturopathy.

Dietary Supplement May Carry Similar Safety Risks as Statins: Researchers assessed the safety profile of red yeast rice by analyzing spontaneous reports of adverse reactions. Red yeast rice found in dietary supplements was linked to myopathies and liver injury and may not be a good choice for statin-intolerant patients, according to a study published in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology.

Dr Google and Mr Yahoo – searching for vax info: There are mixed results for the quality of online information on vaccination, according to a recent study.

Junk science helps homeopathic remedy company win class action: Junk science from two of homeopathy’s biggest apologists help Hyland’s defeat a class action lawsuit for consumer false advertising claims, and nixed refunds for ineffective homeopathic remedies.

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Adverts pulled from TV after public backlash: A pharmaceutical company has withdrawn adverts linking children's dietary supplements and NAPLAN test results after just two days following a public backlash.

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