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FSM is involved in campaigns that raise many issues in the public arena. We will endeavor to keep a good record and to respond appropriately to the relevant parties.

Here in 'News', we will keep our Friends informed of what is going on in the general and professional media, including articles, interviews and events related to activities of the FSM or that mention our activities. many of the articles referred, appear in journals for which access may be limited to subscribers or to university students and personnel. We would appreciate your alerting us to events we might not be aware of.

The items of this page will be subsequently placed in 'archives'. 'News' items of this page will be progressively be placed in the 'archives'.

he following articles have appeared in the media this week:


Prince Charles the top lobbyist for bad science: Australia's future head of state, Prince Charles, intervened directly in UK Government affairs to block restrictions on shoddy alternative medicines, according to personal letters released after a long Freedom of Information battle.


Sue Ieraci: Time to move on: Dr Ieraci acknowledges that we don’t know everything about how the human organism works but we have a good enough understanding to know that Hahnemann’s model was wrong. She concludes that while it was considered reasonable for a man of his time, it has since been superseded

Craniosacral therapy: for ‘physical aches and pains, acute and chronic disease, emotional or psychological disturbances’ ? Prof Edzard Ernst concludes that "Craniosacral therapy has not been proven to be effective for anything and, as a therapy, it is therefore not ‘suitable’ for anyone" and that it is almost the definition of quackery.


Belle Gibson cancer lie puts spotlight on unregulated wellness industry: The lies told by Belle Gibson continue to put the risks of relying on complementary & alternative health practitioners in the news.

Call to cull acupuncture from MBS: Acupuncture should be pulled from the Medicare Mebefits Scheme (MBS) as it is a treatment that is "a placebo for the worried well".


Family of young boy found dead in hotel room reportedly treated diabetes with alternative medicine: A seven-year-old boy with type one diabetes has died after being treated with alternative Chinese remedies.

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Herbal medicine for insomnia: A systematic review and meta-analysis: there is insufficient evidence to support the use of herbal medicine for insomnia.

Efficacy of the Alexander Technique in treating chronic non-specific neck pain: A randomized controlled trial: The Alexander Technique was not superior to local heat application in treating chronic non-specific neck pain. The authors conclude that It cannot be recommended as routine intervention at this time.


Ken Harvey: Right touch: Should complementary medicines (CM)s complaints be sent to a strengthened TGA CM branch? Dr Ken Harvey discusses CM regulation.

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Sussan Ley's Medicare review could help patients, as well as the budget: The review should included the overuse of X-rays by chiropractors, acupuncture treatments and chiropractic treatment for babies and children. Also ‘integrative medicine’, which is used to increase medical doctors income by pandering to the worried well. These interventions can lead to delays in real diagnosis, which will also increase costs of proven treatments.


Gardasil inventor Ian Frazer and the University of Queensland waive millions of dollars in royalties: GARDASIL inventor Ian Frazer and the University of Queensland have waived millions of dollars in royalties on sales of the cervical cancer vaccine in 72 developing countries to ensure it gets to needy people.


Belle Gibson: ‘No, None of it is true’: Disgraced wellness blogger Belle Gibson has admitted she deceived her followers, friends and family about having cancer and curing her illness with healthy eating and natural therapies.

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Co-payment ruled out as Sussan Ley announces wide-ranging Medicare review: Health Minister Sussan Ley is preparing to launch a wide-ranging Medicare review.

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Science Babe takedown of Food Babe causes online stir: Known as Science Babe, a 31-year-old chemist from the US, who uses comedy to expose nonsense, has gained international attention, after exposing the misinformation of high profile celebrity ‘Food Babe’.

Celebrity surgeon Dr Oz hits back at group of angry doctors calling for his removal from Ivy League university: He is one of the most famous doctors in the United States but Dr Oz has been forced to defend his credibility this week after a group of his peers labelled him a “fake and a charlatan.”

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Health Minister Jillian Skinner takes aim at Paleo Pete Evans for his anti-fluoride message: Health Minister Jillian ­Skinner has lashed out at ­celebrity chef Pete Evans for creating a “large threat” to ­public health by opposing the fluoridation of water.

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Adverts pulled from TV after public backlash: A pharmaceutical company has withdrawn adverts linking children's dietary supplements and NAPLAN test results after just two days following a public backlash.

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