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FSM is involved in campaigns that raise many issues in the public arena. We will endeavor to keep a good record and to respond appropriately to the relevant parties.

Here in 'News', we will keep our Friends informed of what is going on in the general and professional media, including articles, interviews and events related to activities of the FSM or that mention our activities. many of the articles referred, appear in journals for which access may be limited to subscribers or to university students and personnel. We would appreciate your alerting us to events we might not be aware of.

The items on this page will be subsequently placed in 'archives'. 'News' items of this page will be progressively be placed in the 'archives'.

The following articles have appeared in the media this week:


Pharmacists may have conflict over natural therapies: review: Pharmacists have a conflict of interest in selling unproven drugs and therapies to supplement their incomes from dispensing med­icines, an independent review has been told.

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Chiropractic care increases costs to Medicare: Chiropractors claim that chiropractic care is cost-effective, however, in the US, expanded coverage increased Medicare expenditures by $50 million or 28.5% in users of chiropractic services and by $114 million or 10.4% in all patients treated for NMS conditions in demonstration areas during a two-year period.

Acupuncture is ‘pointless’, says FSM: Friends of Science in Medicine has released a media release on acupuncture.  Asking the question “Is there any place for acupuncture in 21st century medical practice” this comprehensive review details the origins of acupuncture, the “many conflicting and contradictory aspects of its practice,” and its incompatibility with scientific principles.

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Brisbane homeopath Cyena Caruana selling vaccinations and boosters made from refined sugar: A Brisbane woman selling homeopathic vaccinations or boosters for diseases including whooping cough, polio, meningococcal and malaria has been found to be selling nothing but refined sugar.

Chinese officials admit that their TCM-exports are of dubious quality: TCM resources are sometimes less effective or even unsafe for human use.

Acupuncture and Endorphins: Not all that Impressive: Almost all of the data suggests that for the more traditional forms of acupuncture, feel-good hormones have nothing to do with its alleged analgesic effects.


When will pharmacists stop selling bogus medicines?: The public have a right to expect pharmacists to be open and honest about the effectiveness and limitations of the interventions they promote.

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New cancer drug reduces advanced melanoma in almost 50 per cent of patients: A new treatment proving more successful than chemotherapy in treating melanoma could also be used to treat other cancer.

'Hallmarks of quack medicine' in fatal stem cell treatment, coroner finds: An inquest finds a cosmetic surgeon's performance led to the death of 75-year-old woman with Alzheimer's, amid calls to tighten the medical regulations that cover stem cell treatment.


The (lack of) ethics in alternative medicine:Medical ethics are central to any type of healthcare – and this includes, of course, alternative medicine. The American Medical Association (AMA) have just published their newly revised code of ethics, AMA Principles of Medical Ethics.

Billions are spent on clinical research that gets ignored – here’s the answer: 85% of research will continue to be wasted. When the alternative is that millions of people do not get the best treatment available, the only logical move is to make this a top priority.

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Adverts pulled from TV after public backlash: A pharmaceutical company has withdrawn adverts linking children's dietary supplements and NAPLAN test results after just two days following a public backlash.

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