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FSM is involved in campaigns that raise many issues in the public arena. We will endeavor to keep a good record and to respond appropriately to the relevant parties.

Here in 'News', we will keep our Friends informed of what is going on in the general and professional media, including articles, interviews and events related to activities of the FSM or that mention our activities. many of the articles referred, appear in journals for which access may be limited to subscribers or to university students and personnel. We would appreciate your alerting us to events we might not be aware of.

The items of this page will be subsequently placed in 'archives'. 'News' items of this page will be progressively be placed in the 'archives'.

The following articles have appeared in the media this week:


Alternative Health Therapies in Australia: Market Research Report: Even though revenue is growing due to increased acceptance and availability of alternative health therapies, public distrust stemming from high-profile associations such as the Friends of Science in Medicine (FSM) could derail the industry.

AHPRA stands firm on naming and shaming:AHPRA has defended the hoops health professionals must jump through to clear their public disciplinary records, despite copping flak from a high-profile judge.


Chiropractic care in pregnancy and childhood – a castle built on a swamp:The chiropractic profession under AHPRA has been forced into taking a more rigorous approach to such niceties as Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and defining their scope of practice.

Tens of millions for CAM research — and it’s all on your dime: In the US should the government continue to fund research of pseudomedicine and quackery because it doesn’t appear to affect CAM practices while many other worthy projects go wanting due to lack of available funding.


Experts denounce clinical trials of unscientific, 'alternative' medicines: Experts writing in the Cell Press journal Trends in Molecular Medicine on August 20th call for an end to clinical trials of "highly implausible treatments" such as homeopathy and reiki.


Acupuncture and most other alternative therapies for MS are not evidence-based: For every condition which is not curable by conventional medicine there are dozens of alternative treatments that offer a cure or at least symptomatic relief. Multiple sclerosis (MS) is such a disease. It is hard to find an alternative therapy that is not being promoted for MS.


CAM industry raking in $3.5b a year: A survey report commissioned by Complementary Medicines Australia — the industry lobby group — claimed that the industry was "vital", saying consumers were turning to "complementary medicines to fill their nutrition deficit with vitamins and dietary supplements".

Vaccine deniers blamed as measles at all time high: Vaccination deniers are being blamed for a resurgence in measles as rates of the disease exceed levels not seen since the 1990s.

Many autism treatments a waste of money: Thousands of Australian parents are likely to be wasting vast amounts of money on unproven treatments for children with autism, including some which can be harmful.

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Adverts pulled from TV after public backlash: A pharmaceutical company has withdrawn adverts linking children's dietary supplements and NAPLAN test results after just two days following a public backlash.

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