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FSM is involved in campaigns that raise many issues in the public arena. We will endeavor to keep a good record and to respond appropriately to the relevant parties.

Here in 'News', we will keep our Friends informed of what is going on in the general and professional media, including articles, interviews and events related to activities of the FSM or that mention our activities. many of the articles referred, appear in journals for which access may be limited to subscribers or to university students and personnel. We would appreciate your alerting us to events we might not be aware of.

The items of this page will be subsequently placed in 'archives'. 'News' items of this page will be progressively be placed in the 'archives'.

The following articles have appeared in the media this week:


Herbal Products and the Liver: A Review of Adverse Effects and Mechanisms: Herbal products are no safer than conventional drugs and have caused liver injury severe enough to require transplantation or cause death. Their efficacy, safety, and claims are not assessed by regulatory agencies, and there is uncertainty about their reported and unreported contents.


Fluoride safe, but final review pending: Australians have been reassured that fluoride in drinking water is effective and safe, despite international studies linked it to lower IQs and thyroid problems.


Defending Science-Based Medicine: 44 Doctor-Bashing Arguments ...and Their Rebuttals: Supporters of alternative medicine and purveyors of quack remedies love to criticize conventional medicine and science. They keep repeating the same tired arguments that are easily rebutted. This handy guide will help skeptics answer common criticisms from doctor-bashers.


A Really Bad Week For The Supplements Industry: Using DNA sequencing to test the ingredients in six types of herbal supplements, looking at different brands from multiple stores, a scientific study found that 79% of the supplements tested did not contain the primary ingredient listed on the label. Many of them contained other plant material, including plants that might cause an allergic reaction in unsuspecting customers.

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Adverts pulled from TV after public backlash: A pharmaceutical company has withdrawn adverts linking children's dietary supplements and NAPLAN test results after just two days following a public backlash.

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